Podcast – Fight Club w/ Scott Wilson

Did you see the twist ending coming at the end of Fight Club? Were you inspired to steal liposuctioned fat and refashion it into artisinal soap for rich people? How about starting your own Fight Club?

Professor Scott Wilson joins us to drink Double Double Double Double IPA and talk all about Fight Club, and why it resonates 19 years after its release.


Oktoberfest at Rebellion

September 12 – Chili Cookoff

Rebels in Moose Jaw

Shout out to HCol Cal Jorstad for taking us on a tour of 15 Wing CFB Moose Jaw. Thirsty pilots can find us in the mess, and Moose Javians can join the rebellion in pubs and restaurants all over town.


Regina #4 on top beer towns in Canada

Ask any hophead from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, and you’ll hear the same refrain: craft beer in Canada just keeps getting better. Hoppier IPAs! Lighter lagers! Even more sour sours! There’s so much going on, it can be hard to keep up—but our annual report of the best beer towns in Canada is here to help. The 2018 edition covers even more hoppy happenings, the latest ester experiments, and the most up-and-coming sudsy cities: Read more

Video – Lentil Selfie Winner

Podcast – Gourmet Cheese & Sour Apricot Ale

Video – Double IPA is here!

We got together with Danny from Lumberjax Axe Throwing Regina to announce our newest seasonal offering – Double IPA!

We went full on berserkergang with hops – the first sip’ll make you duck because you’ll think an axe is flying at your head.

Video – Talkin’ about Apricot Sour

Podcast – The Economics of Craft Beer

What three things recently converged to help create Saskatchewan’s craft beer scene? Will marijuana legalization impact craft beer?

Jason Childs, an economics professor from the University of Regina teaches “The Economics of Beer,” and looks at these very questions and shares his thoughts on this week’s podcast.

We also taste and talk about Saskatoon Berry Sour by Nokomis Craft Ales.

Video – Coconut IPA is here

Fancy Pants Patio Party – August 17

It’s time to break out your fanciest party clothes and join us for the Fancy Pants Patio Party!

Getchyerself a hot dog for $2 and a can o’ beer for $7. We’ll have Zubazz Read spinning records and breaking out the best hits to get you shakin’ what your mama gave ya.

If you dress your fanciest, you will receive a free hot dog on us, as well as Potato Chips and Twinkies for snacks.

Proceeds from sales will go to Bright Eyes Dog Rescue.

Podcast – Escape Rooms w/ Dale D’Silva

Escape Club owner Dale D’Silva explains the way to build a winning team to beat escape rooms – immersive puzzles with a time limit. We also taste and talk about Chocolate Stout by Rogue Brewing.


Apricot Sour is Here

Are you ready to pucker up and smile?

Apricot Sour is hazy, golden and bursting with 425lbs of fresh apricot. The velvety, smooth mouthfeel rolls into the flavour of canned apricots poured over ice cream, juxtaposed with a lip-smacking tart flavour.

It is available exclusively at the taproom today and will be available across the province next week.

Podcast – Satori Sour w/ Glenn Valgardson

Video – The New Patio

Video – What’s with the rubber chicken?

Podcast – Blake Berglund talks about meeting his hero

Local country artist Blake Berglund speaks in-depth about his music, life on the road and what it’s like to get called out by a country music hero after a great set.

We’re also drinkin’ and talking about Golden Ale by Nokomis Craft Ales.

T-Shirts – Experience Regina

We have a selection of unisex and ladies tees. They are soft, fitted and $30 ea, available for a limited time, while supplies last.

Video – Crackin’ a cold one in a lentil field