Podcast – Hockey Talk and Bow Smash Beer

Matt and Chris from PatsCast joined us to talk beer and hockey. Matt tells us about this year’s team and what sets the WHL apart as a sports entertainment experience.

We also drink and discuss Bow SMaSH by Pile O’ Bones Brewing.

Video – TJ’s Pizza and Telemiracle

Join us for our annual Telemiracle fundraiser with TJ’s Pizza, February 28th from 5pm to 10pm. We’re featuring new, never-before-seen Indo-Fusion Pizzas developed by Rohith, the manager of South Albert TJ’s.

Peach Ginger Sour

The Peach Ginger Sour is the latest arrival in our sour series. It’s refreshingly tart, jam-packed with 400 lbs of peach puree.

The result is a smooth and easy-drinking beer, balanced by gentle ginger aromas.

Allergy Alert: This beer contains peach and ginger.

Video – Paul Has a Dream

Podcast – Simpsons and Craft Beer Statistics w/ Shaadie Musleh

Rebellion launched a customer survey all about craft beer. We invited Shaadie Musleh, a data analysis expert, to unpack some of the numbers and help us understand what we can learn from the people who answered the survey.

We also go off the rails while tasting one of High Key Brewing’s new offerings, a  Dunkel, and talk a little bit about The Simpsons.



Valentine’s Gift Pack

Podcast – Sarahmony’s new stout

Sarahmony’s an up-and-coming Twitch-streaming gamer from Saskatchewan who has gained a global following. She’s sits down with us to talk about beer, explain ‘why’ people watch others play video games and how gamer culture is evolving.

We also drink and discuss Cambridge Coconut Porter by Medicine Hat Brewing.


Medicine Hat Brewing

Video: Get that Brown Ale

Tell us what you think!

The whole survey will take less than 5 minutes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Survey Link: https://rebellionbrewing.typeform.com/to/Fhcay0

Podcast – Traditional Aikido with Virgil Lea

Are you looking for a way to get fit that’s not just lifting weights and hitting a treadmill? Virgil Lea runs an Aikido dojo and teaches in a traditional, Japanese style. He also teaches a women’s, and co-ed self-defense courses for health, fitness and protection.

We also taste and talk about Black Bridge Brewery’s, Cold Pressed Cream Ale.

Aikido: www.facebook.com/aikidoseishinkanregina/
Black Bridge: https://untappd.com/b/black-bridge-brewery-cold-pressed-cream-ale/2796143

Wann Izakaya Pop Up

Join us for a night of kick-ass ramen and craft beer. Wann Izakaya has built a reputation for bringing authentic, mouth-watering Japanese cuisine to the Queen City.

Last year, the Wann Izakaya crew blew the doors off the taproom. The support from all y’all rebels was overwhelming and we knew we’d have to do it again.

The Menu:

• Appetizer
Kimchi $5.00
By Beachu Kimchi
Follow them in Instagram! @yqrkimchi

• Ramen
Spicy Tonkotsu $15.00
Pork-bone based soup with special spicy paste.
Pork Chashu, marinated egg, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, green onion.

Beer Pairing Suggestion: IPA

Black $16.00
Pork bone based soup with special black garlic oil.
Pork Chachu, marinated egg, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, green onion.

Beer Pairing Suggestion: Lentil Ale

Vegetarian $16.00
Soy milk based soup.
Bean sprout, green onion, mushroom, marinated egg, buttered corn.

Beer Pairing Suggestion: Hazy Sesh

Podcast – Ashley Kirsch, Beer Hunter

Sharing and discovering great beer is a huge part of craft-beer culture. An OG Rebel, Ashley Kirsch, took our Sour Red to a beer-lover’s wedding in California and you’ll never guess what happened!

She’s also traveled across North America in pursuit of rare and hard-to-get ales and returned to share some tips for finding great beer when you’re traveling. She’s also shares a list of some of her favourite breweries she thinks you should check out.

Ashley’s List of must-see breweries:

3 Iron
Avery Brewing
Two Row
Modern Times
Black Project
Sour Cellars
New Belgium
Escape Brewing

Growler Buy Back

Holiday Hours

Podcast – What Makes us Human w/ Layton Burton

More than seven years ago, The Government of Saskatchewan changed the way the film industry operates in the province by replacing the film tax credit with a different funding model.

Layton Burton explains how this policy change nearly wiped out what was a multimillion dollar industry, what Saskatchewan needs to do to rebuild – but more importantly, he makes a case for the arts as part of the human condition.

We also tell a few stories about being journalists and we drink and discuss Rebellion Coconut Cream Stout.

-Separate Beds Documentary: vimeo.com/195988491
-Seymour Hersch: www.newyorker.com/magazine/1972/01/22/i-coverup

New Years Eve – All Day Beer and Pizza Party

Join us for our New Years All Day Beer and Pizza Party

We have:

$2 off Rebellion pints & 64oz fills
$1 off Rebellion half pints & 32oz fills
$3 slices of pizza from TJ’s pizza

All day long!

Podcast: Warehouse District Revolution

More than $33M in funding was announced to deal with the rail yards located in the middle of Regina, at the southern edge of the Warehouse District. Development of the land is estimated to take more than 15 years, and that has some people frustrated.

Business and residents have been floating ideas for years about what could happen to this open space, including high rise, mixed-income housing for people who work downtown, to greenspace, and the now-dashed hopes for the football stadium.

Leasa Gibbons, the Executive Director of the Regina Warehouse Business District, shares her thoughts about the rail yard, how the money should be spent and how it could change the Dewdney strip for the better.


Power outages?

Coconut Cream Stout now here

Brrrrr, you need a snuggly, winter beer like our Coconut Cream Stout!

At 6.5% abv it’s a decadent stout, rich with flavours of toasted coconut, milk chocolate and a hint of espresso. It’s perfect with a slice of cheesecake or a chocolate fudge brownie.

It’s available on tap and growlers for a limited time.

**Allergy alert, contains lactose and coconut

Podcast – The Sourdough Donut Experience

Have you ever tasted a true sourdough donut? Katie Schmelinski of The Everyday Kitchen is creating a rare and masterful treat, and is one of a few bakers in the world who makes donuts in the sourdough style.

She gives us a look at how she got started, and the kind of passion and attention to detail required to make these amazing donuts.

We also drink and discuss kombucha by Good Spirit Kombucha.

Blog: theeverydaykitchen.ca/
Instagram: @theeverydaykitchen

Kombucha: goodspiritkombucha.com/