Podcast – Craft beer and Crop Science

Saskatchewan farmers grow the best crops in the world, it only makes sense to brew kick-ass beer with it.

A small army of craft beer, ag-science geeks, like Lana Shaw and Joel Williams explain how their research is good for farmers, brewers and drinkers alike.

We also sit down and drink Rebellion’s newest seasonal beer, Citrus Smoothie.



Meatballs the Movie – free screening

Join us to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Canadian cinema classic comedy, Meatballs. Starring the legendary Bill Murray!

Also, free popcorn, kick-ass craft beer, and great people.

Find out more at Canfilmday or www.canadianfilmday.ca

New Beer: Citrus Smoothie

Grab your shades rebels. We have a the perfect beer for all this sunshine – Citrus Smoothie!

It has a delightful vanilla and citrus aroma with vibrant flavours of tart orange, grapefruit and lime with a sweet, creamy vanilla and lactose finish.

It’s available across the province on draft and growler for a limited time, don’t miss out on this rad summer seasonal.


Podcast: The Best Spots in Sask. w/ Jodi Holliday

Saskatchewan has fishing, hunting, hiking, stargazing and a kick-ass craft beer scene, making it a great destination for summer travelers.

Jodi Holliday from Tourism Saskatchewan talks about some of her favourite places to visit in our province and makes a few recommendations. We talso taste and talk about Rebellion’s Mango Sour, a limited edition ale that’s selling fast.

Flights of fancy

Too many to choose from? Get a flight with your friends!

We have a bunch of brand new summer seasonal beers including Cerveza, Mango Sour, Guava Milkshake and Citrus Smoothie. They’re here for a limited time, so don’t wait or you’ll miss out.

5th Annual Cask Festival – April 26

Join us for the most kick-ass cask festival in Saskatchewan, featuring unique and rare beers from brewers across our beautiful province. Taste beer styles you can’t find anywhere else and may never see again.

We’ve challenged every participant to bring their A-game and make something exceptional and delicious to earn your vote for festival favourite!

Admission is FREE. Beer is available first-come, first-served, while supplies last.

Brewers Include:
Ale and Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan (ALES) Club;
District Brewing Company;
Malty National Brewing co;
9 Mile Legacy Brewing Company;
Pile O’ Bones Brewing Co.;
Nokomis Craft Ales;
21st Street Brewery;
High Key Brewing Co.;
and Rebellion Brewing Co.

Beer styles are TBA. Stay tuned for more info.

Podcast – All About Beer with Brewmaster Amanda Butt

Brewmaster Amanda Butt tells the story of her craft beer journey and how she went from biochemistry to brewing. She talks about her work at Great Western Brewing, and how she got a job at the Boston Beer Company, brewing Sam Adams, and more. We also drink and discuss Uno IPA by Black Bridge Brewery.

Check out our new dragon

Stop by the taproom today and check out the beautiful new chalkboard art! You can find more of Scribblejay’s art on her instagram page –https://www.instagram.com/scribble.jay/

Now Hiring

We’re looking for a few good rebels to share their passion of craft beer with the world. If you’re looking for a fun work atmosphere with people who love beer, we’re the place for you!

Podcast – Joel Yeomans Grinding for Comedy

What was the worst song in the 90s? What happens when comedians age out and stop being funny? Local comedian Joel Yeomans gives a series of hot takes and talks about his new upcoming comedy event, “I thought you quit comedy.” We also drink and discuss Flatlander Ginger Apple Cider by Crossmount Cider Company.

Pass the Hat

Hazy IPA

Mark shows off the last flat of Hazy IPA. It is now the fastest selling Rebellion beer of all time.

Vanessa uses Columbus Hops

Vanessa carefully measures out Columbus Hops before tossing them into the kettle.

“These are our main bittering hops, we use them in almost every beer. They have a really dank character,” Vanessa said.


Video – Hazy IPA is Here

Podcast – Building the Silicon Prairies

The digital economy has the potential to create jobs, but what will it take to build the silicon prairies? Thomas Archer and www.saskinteractive.com are working to plant the seeds today for the creators and innovators tomorrow.

We drink and discuss Cascadian Dark Ale by nokomiscraftales.com, a dark and hoppy brew.

Video – Do Viking Things, Drink Double IPA

Saskatchewanderer’s In the House

We love what the The Saskatchewanderer do! They tell great stories about our province and show visitors all the best spots to check out.

They’ll be telling stories about our kick-ass craft beer scene, so be sure to check them out!

Podcast – The World of Artisanal Beer Soap

Rachelle Hofmeister makes artisanal soaps through her company, Daisy Tree Soap. She teamed up with us to make a line of artisanal beer soaps, using beer, spent grain and mead to give you a superior soap experience.

Listen to the full episode here: https://bit.ly/2C9wAcF

Poor Nameless Boy Live At Rebellion

“In a world that celebrates being rich and famous, there’s something purely powerful about being poor and nameless.”

Join us for an up close and intimate live music experience with Poor Nameless Boy where he’ll be announcing some special news, play a live show, the chance to pick up prizes including tickets, albums and more.


Poor Nameless Boy

Caliber Coffee Roasters

Hear Poor Nameless Boy’s Episode on the Rebellion Brewing Podcast: https://anchor.fm/rebellionbrewing/episodes/Poor-Nameless-Boy-and-the-perfect-love-song-e2ac2s