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Join us for Trivia Music Bingo, find all about it here.

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Rebellion Whisky Tasting

IPA Day – August 3

Celebrate Kings Park Speedway’s 50th Anniversary

Honour your inner gear-head and join the celebrations at Kings Park Speedway. It’s their 50th anniversary, featuring tons of fun events including racing, a monster truck, a bike race for kids, prizes, and Rebellion beer.

Find out more on their Facebook page.



Face-melting delicious ales

You can find it at select locations across Saskatchewan and in our taproom. We’ve been aging this beer for three years in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Ales like this are notoriously difficult to make, but we crushed it on this batch. Both have big, bold flavours and awesome aroma.

Oh Canaduh! Now On Tap!

Based on an actual Canadian brewery’s recipe from 1893 for a Pale Ale. We had a historian come in and give us the skinny on this true Canadian classic. Try some before it’s all gone!

On Tap Now: The 89’er Ale

On Tap June 8 for a limited time only!

Prairie Cherry Mead on the go

Orang-A-Tang is here


Cinco De Mayo at Rebellion


Busy Bee Braggot now here!


17523433_1246768252067015_6729729893247170779_nBrewmaster Mark shot a picture of a bee pollinating flowers out front of the brewery. This braggot is named after our best-friend bees.

Rye Chromosome IPA – Now on tap

rye chromosome

Rebellion in the news

Brewmaster Mark Heise. Photo By Michael Bell/Leader Post.

Brewmaster Mark Heise. Photo By Michael Bell/Leader Post.

We’re excited to be on tap at the new stadium. There are a few outstanding details left to be worked out, but fans have spoken loud and clear, they want craft beer on tap at the stadium. Read more.

Milk ‘n’ Honey Breakfast Ale

breakfast ale4

Rebellion Radler, now on tap!

rebel radler

Strawberry Mead has returned


Valentine’s Day Dinner


Headhunter’s Black Bier now on tap

blackbierHeadhunter’s Black Bier, a smooth, easy drinking black ale, inspired by the German Schwarzbier style. Crisp like a pilsner, with a smooth, chocolate finish.

It clocks in at 5%

Happy New Year

The holidays were crazy. You deserve a pint.