Mark Heise

MarkMark discovered his passion for craft beer in the early aughts and entered his first competition in 2006 where he won second place. He was hooked and brewing beer became his obsession. Since then, he’s filled his shelves with gold medals and home brew accolades from across North America.

Mark is also a certified beer judge and an integral part of the brewing community, training new judges, giving public speeches, writing extensively and proud to say he’s had a hand helping professional brewers from Halifax to California develop new recipes.

He and his wife Joanne both love great beer, punk rock and country music, and real BBQ. Their favourite destination to enjoy all of the above is Austin TX.

Vanessa Owen

VanessaBehind many good brewmasters is a talented assistant brewer. Ours is Vanessa Owen. She’s an award-winning home brewer who’s travelled the world in search of new and delicious flavours. We’re excited to have her on our team.

Vanessa’s brewing journey began with one delicious beer.

“The first beer that got me was the Rochefort Ten Trappistes, that was when I fell in love with beer,” Vanessa said.  She laughed. “Of course it had to be an expensive one that was my favourite!”

Vanessa loves to push the boundaries of traditional beer flavours. She’s brewed everything from saissons, to Chai beer and mojito beer. At Rebellion, she looks forward to all the new beers we’re going to brew in Saskatchewan.

“The Flanders Red, the Belgian Sours and quads … I can’t wait! it’s such an exciting time for beer in Saskatchewan. It’s going to be so different in five years, I think palettes are going to change a lot.”

Paul Chicoine

Paul- web bioWe’re proud to call Paul our greasy sales guy. If you want to set up an account or arrange a trial keg, he’s your guy.

When he isn’t schmoozing clients or cracking-wise in the tap room, he’s rolling out with a truck full of kegs. A Red Seal Journeyman, he has a background as a motor-systems technician, lending a wealth of knowledge to many brewery-related concerns. From rigging and trucking to welding, electrical work and machine operation, Paul has seen it all.

Did we mention he’s a brewer in his own right?

“Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale and Anchor Brewing Steam Beer, that’s what got me. I couldn’t find any here and I wanted to make it myself. That’s what got me hooked and that’s how I met Mark,” Paul said.

When he isn’t slinging kegs, he spends time with his wife Jaime and two kids, Rylie and Braydee.

Dave Holowaty

davewebbioHave you heard heavy metal blasting from our brewery? That’s Dave Holowaty’s secret ingredient for making great beer.

“I’d like to start Heavy Metal Friday’s … a little Judas Priest, some Death Dealer, Motorhead – anything loud, fast and pounding,” Dave said.

Just five years ago, he was brewing in the wash-bay of his dad’s (Kevin) autobody shop. He spent his time figuring out recipes, experimenting with hops and winning medals in homebrew competitions. Soon, he knew it was time to go pro.

He apprenticed as a brewer at Brewster’s Brew Pub and enrolled at Olds College in Alberta to complete his Brewmaster and Brewery Management diploma.

Dave learned all about microbiology, brewing chemistry, hops horticulture, yeast genealogy and flavour analysis (tasting beer for school, what a lucky guy.) Rebellion knew Dave would be a good fit, so we hired him before he even graduated! He brewed an Imperial Red and a Rye Pale Ale during school break before graduation and they were big hits.

Today, he has big plans for our hop torpedo and new, fresh, innovative recipes.

“I’m chasing big, bold, delicious flavours on everything I make. Every day it’s a quest to make better beer.”

Elyse Crook

elysewebbioElyse Crook is the perfect example of a person who finds solutions to problems we didn’t know we had. She had only been working a couple months as a server in the taproom when she volunteered to help with the books and payroll.

“I just looked at the pile of papers and asked them if they needed any help,” She said.

She credits her attitude to her time as a gymnastics coach and as a cheerleader at the University of Regina and with the Roughriders. Whether launching teammates into the air or taking flying acrobatic leaps herself, it’s the kind of sport that requires confident competence.

Now, Elyse knows our system and processes better than anyone and she’s also one of our most knowledgeable staffers when it comes to beer. If she isn’t hitting the books or pulling the perfect pint, she’s helping train our newest hires how to do the same.

“My favourite is our IPA. It’s the perfect amount of everything – big, flavourful hops, citrus and just … so good,” She said. “I can’t wait to see what they come up with next, but I’d like to see us make a raspberry beer or more variations on fruit beers.”

Jen Muscoby

usethisoneJen is our Taproom and Events Manager. She has a wealth of experience in the industry and she’s got a lot of Rock and Roll in her, which just makes sense when you’re running our taproom.

She got into craft beer years ago when she tasted a Dark Organic Brown Ale and a Blueberry Ale from the Nelson Brewing Company.

“When I tasted the difference in quality compared to mass-produced beer, I couldn’t go back.”

After seven years at Bushwakker, she joined Rebellion.

“What we’re doing with the craft-beer scene is truly a phenomenon. I love west-coast style beers and I’m honoured to be a part of this team, bringing craft beer and smiles to everyone who comes through the door.”

Stephanie Robb

stephwebIf you’re traveling across North America and you find a rock with a cheerful affirmation painted on its face, you’ve found Stephanie’s artwork. When she isn’t working for Rebellion, one of her hobbies is painting for her art project #rockpositivethoughts and hiding them on her motorcycle trips.

“I’ve taken my Harley Nightster across Western Canada, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Texas and more. I hide the rocks everywhere I go. If people find them and it makes them feel good, it could change their life. I always say, ‘When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.’”

Stephanie was born and raised in Manitoba and came to Saskatchewan to work in the oilfield. “I love this province. I’ve always wanted to be a Saskatchewanian. It feels so free here.”

It’s that positive attitude and rebellious thirst for freedom that makes Stephanie such a great member of the team. If you see her in the taproom or find one of her rocks, give her a shout out.